Monday, August 09, 2004

The socially moderate or even socially liberal monopoly capital Republican set is whining again, this time through the voice of the Dan-Drezner-hero-worshipping [I kid you not] Reihan Salam.
We can beat some sense into the Republican Party now�by hoping Bush loses to the hilariously mediocre John Kerry and getting behind Rudolph Giuliani in manic Deaniac fashion before 2008�or later, when President Patrick Kennedy (heaven forfend) is reelected to his third term in a landslide.

The Third Way is it. Game over. Drowning government in a bathtub simply will not happen. The Republican Party is going to be ripe for takeover, and thoughtful centrists should think about playing pirate.
If this isn't obnoxious enough, we also have Kevin Drum ringing the gong from the Democratic center (mistakenly viewed as the center-left):
Purging the Republican party of its Norquist/Bush/DeLay radical wing is as important today as it was for the Democratic party to purge its Henry Wallace wing in 1948.
And to round out the trilogy, Brad DeLong from ever so slightly left of Kevin Drum:
Reihan has a plan for the grownup Republicans to take back their party . . . I will be eager to join Reihan in his push to accomplish (4) [ed. -- pragmatists conquer ideologues] after the election, but I expect him to do his part to make (1) [ed. -- Bush loses], (2) [ed. -- Bush loses big, discrediting all things Bush], and (3) [ed. -- right-wingers in the House lose] come to pass in the next three months. The stakes are large: whether the Republican Party is to become something no longer shameful, in part.
The Republican "grown-ups", aka "moderates", which all three of these writers long for left their Party a while back and took over the Democratic Party -- which is now the Party of Moderate Republicanism. Compare John Anderson's 1980 platform to the Dems of today and get a micrometer to measure the differences. The Drezner types and their admirers in the Democratic Party are upset because they fit into the Democrats' corporate flank very nicely but feel uncomfortable cozying up to the working class. But they don't like the cultural conservatives in the GOP, either. Poor boys!

Why not start their own party? They could all gather together and call it Sensible Cosmopolitan Elites for a Technocratic Future.


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