Thursday, August 05, 2004

Brad DeLong brought my attention to this very revealing quote from Dubya in today's Wall Street Journal (sub. only):
CAMPAIGNING LAST weekend, President Bush offered this attack on opponent John Kerry: "He said he's only going to raise the tax on the so-called rich," the president said in Canton, Ohio. "But you know how the rich is: They've got accountants. That means you pay. That means your small business pays. It means the farmers and ranchers pay."

That's what he said. (I checked the White House transcript, which gets points for faithfully recording the president's unique grammar.)
Bush is flat out admitting that the rich (capital) don't pay taxes!! That the rich game the system to stick the middle class (petty bourgeoisie and new middle class) with the bulk of the tax bill!!

This in an incredible admission and should be proclaimed from the rooftops: "Bush admits rich screw middle class."


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