Tuesday, July 26, 2005

For a stronger working body

I'm in the Midwest for the next two weeks catching up with relatives, old friends, and the Red Sox (who are playing the Twins next weekend -- look for me in center field!). So blogging will be light for the near future.

In the meantime, here's a theme: sometimes you have to get sicker for a chance to really become well.
We believe in very fundamental change, not incremental reform.

We believe in accountability, not what ‘should’ happen but what “shall” happen.

We believe we can and will succeed based on our own efforts – not a rescue by others.

We know…that when you’re heading down a road and you know where it ends…you have to get off that road and go in a different direction where there is hope.


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous cap'n redneck said...


Too dense to decipher where you stand on the great schism. I'll say this, Andy Stern is a fellow at the Aspen Institute run by Kissinger's human Tucks pad Walter Isaacson. He who purged Barbara "Nickled and Dimed" Ehrenreich from Time's editorial page. And lest anybody dismiss this guilt by association argument as the rantings of a paranoid distributionist crank- scroll back in recent Billmon or Digby (can't remember which one and my old computer serves up dead links) for a withering dissection of where Bob Rubin and David Gergen's summer and what the place is all about. Or just go to Apsen's website. Also, Stern had engaged in public kissyface with Stephen Moore of Club for Growth fame, and has held the son-of-a-bitch up as a model to be emulated. I guess Lenin maybe learned a tactical trick or two from the Fascists. SEIU has already linked up with this DLC offshoot called The Third Way. Third Way my ass. The way Stern was almost smirking behind crocodile eyes at Lil' Hoffa during the latter's turn at the podium at the joint press conference oughta (given the family history) have Jr. feeling like "The Third Man."

Dust off your Richard Hofstatder, fellow readers, cuz, Stern and his co-conspirators Wilhelm and Burger et al are bunch of Ivy league social workers who wouldn't know an honest day's labor if it bit 'em in the ass. They know better than all the lunkhead steel workers- they went to UPenn. Deep down those bastards got no problem with the deindustrialization of this country-steady blue collar work allowed too many people to go to church and hunt and fish anyhow.

Well, enjoy your flyover country sojourn. And watch out for the other Sox.

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous served_cold said...

first off, very insightful blog GG. do I understand correctly that you're of the PEWS school of thought? interesting stuff.

the above post is right on. Stern et al may find out how weak their premise is, if they don't already know. the problem isn't just the lack of industrial unionism or organizing failures, it's lack of democracy in unions, something too familiar to local activist/organizers in SEIU, HERE, Teamsters, Laborers. top-down unions are not exclusive to Stern's gang, but they have set the bar. & the forced union mergers in Stern's scheme to consolidate unions are an easy way to stifle rank&file democracy. See this & this.

5 workers who know the value of their work from doing it and the value a union would bring to their coworkers' lives will always be more effective orgnaizers that the busloads of college-minted organizers the the big unions unleash on a workplace.

lastly, the good news, better late than never: AFL-CIO calls for withdrawal from Iraq. its a start and give hope that the AFL-CIO will engage in some historic reforms & aggressive ideas & abandon its conservative tradition.

ps. have been a union member for the past 6 years, inlcuding 6 months as HERE member in college, but i'm no expert.

and...um...the O's are still in the pennant race.

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