Tuesday, January 25, 2005

When the Bush administration starts bombing Iran, they'll have to do it this time without British political cover.
JACK STRAW has drawn up a dossier putting the case against a military attack on Iran amid fears that President George W Bush�s administration may seek Britain�s backing for a new conflict. . . .

He will press home the point at a meeting with Condoleezza Rice, the incoming secretary of state, at a meeting in Washington tomorrow.

The document says a peaceful solution led by Britain, France and Germany is �in the best interests of Iran and the international community�. It refers to �safeguarding Iran�s right to the peaceful use of nuclear technology�.

The dossier, entitled Iran�s Nuclear Programme, was quietly issued in the Commons on the eve of Bush�s inauguration last week for fear of provoking a public rift with Washington � although privately tensions are running high between the two nations.

The approach contrasts with the government�s two Iraq dossiers, which were trumpeted to make the case for war. . . .

A cabinet minister said: �Jack is making clear, as is Tony, that we are not getting involved in American sabre-rattling to make Iran comply with its international obligations.�
Blair was so publicly and profoundly cuckolded by Bush over the Iraq war that it seems the PM has finally admitted the truth about Bush. It turns out Georgie wasn't working late at the office all those nights, but lining up tawdry trysts with not one but multiple street-walking neoconservatives. Time for this marriage to head to divorce court. One wonders if we can petition the court to grant sole custody of us to Tony -- with no visitation.


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