Tuesday, January 25, 2005

From Agence France Presse, 19 September 2002:
White House budget chief Mitch Daniels Wednesday questioned a colleagues estimates that a possible war with Iraq could cost as much as 100 billion to 200 billion dollars.

That estimate is "likely very, very high, if it's meant to apply to the cost to taxpayers," Daniels said.
If $100-200bn is "very, very high", one wonders what the Bush administration would call $300bn?
Congress started to digest a new Bush administration request of $80 billion to bankroll wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . . .

Congress approved $25 billion for the wars last summer. Using figures compiled by the Congressional Research Service, which prepares reports for lawmakers, the newest request would push the totals provided for the conflicts and worldwide efforts against terrorism past $300 billion.
There really should be a Congressional budget line titled "Wars". It would really help us out in tracking down just how much these imperialist adventures are costing us.


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