Thursday, November 04, 2004

More ostrich-like behavior regarding the Bush re-election, this time from the British Foreign Secretary.

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said it is "inconceivable" that America would try to bomb Iran.

There has been speculation about whether the newly re-elected George Bush will be more hawkish over Iran.

Pointing to talks with Tehran, Mr Straw said: "I don't see any circumstances in which military action would be justified against Iran, full stop."

Mr Straw said President Bush's re-election gave the world the chance to make new progress on Middle East peace. . . .

Asked if it was inconceivable that the world would support US military action against Iran, presumably bombings or using Israel as a "proxy", Mr Straw replied: "Not only is that inconceivable but I think the prospect of it happening is inconceivable."

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the US had been part of the consensus on pursuing the negotiations with Tehran and there was no reason to think that would change.

The chances of another conflict in the wake of the Iraq war "pretty remote", he said. . . .
Much depends, of course, on how determined Iran is to build a nuclear arsenal over the next two years. In light of its arch-enemy Israel having its own nukes, the Great Satan sitting 130,000 troops next door, and its neighbor to the east Pakistan a member of the nuclear club as well, it's hard to see how or why Tehran would be dissuaded from the pursuit.

General Glut invites Mr. Straw to return to the reality-based community forthwith.


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