Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The liberal blogosphere is in a funk this morning, much of it self-induced thanks to a very bizarre wave of giddiness yesterday in which many were predicting a Democratic landslide of sorts, both in the Electoral College (see here, too) and in the Senate. Even academics who should have known better got in on the wave of mass psychosis.

Personally, I was not convinced that Kerry had a realistic shot at victory. My own prediction (you'll need to scroll down a ways) was Bush 277, Kerry 261, and it's going to come very close to that when all is said and done. I think it's no surprise that Bush won re-election -- and not only that, but the Republicans expanded their lead in both the House and the Senate as well -- because not a single chicken of Bush's inept foreign or domestic policies has yet come home to roost.
  1. No terrorist attacks on US territory -- "evidence" that Bush is protecting us from the evildoers
  2. No dramatic defeats in Iraq a la T�t or the Beirut embassy bombing -- "evidence" that the war will eventually be won
  3. No encompassing economic recession (in fact, robust growth in home building and ownership) -- "evidence" that Bush's tax cuts are stimulating the economy
It's all a house of cards, of course, but that house has not yet fallen. I'm certainly not saying that once it falls the Dems will be rewarded; in fact, the complete Likudization of the GOP and of US politics is more likely. That being said, both a war and an economy run completely on credit is clearly a winning strategy.

The overarching issue is imperialism. What country embarking on a new imperialist project ever took a left turn -- or even a left-center turn? If you want to defeat Bush and the American Likud, you must defeat imperialism. Stop bitching about bans on gay marriage or abortion restrictions or the lack of gun control and start fighting The Empire.


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