Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You have to give the man props for, if nothing else, his honesty. Give him an A for evilness, too.
An Israeli official close to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon created a political storm today when he said in a published interview that Israel wanted to pull out of the Gaza Strip unilaterally in order to freeze the so-called road map to peace with the Palestinians.

The aide, Dov Weissglas, spoke with confidence and the kind of bluntness that even Mr. Sharon has avoided showing in public.

His biggest allegation is that Mr. Sharon's effort to pull out of Gaza unilaterally mattered because it put off the establishment of a Palestinian state and had the support of the United States, an assertion that is likely to embarrass the Bush administration.
As long as Bush is president, we all know there will be not one step toward the creation of a Palestinian state and durable peace between Israel and Palestine. Under Kerry? I'm not a whole lot more optimistic, unfortunately. Maybe one step?


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