Thursday, September 23, 2004

Things are going from bad to worse in Haiti.
Hungry, thirsty and increasingly desperate residents of Gonaives, Haiti, burned tires in protest and attacked each other in a panic to get scarce food and water Thursday as workers struggled to bury hundreds of victims of Tropical Storm Jeanne.

More than 1,100 were killed, 1,250 were missing and the toll was still rising Thursday, six days after the storm hit. . . .

Some residents had grown so desperate to get rid of putrefying corpses they were burying them in their backyards.

Health workers feared an epidemic from the unburied bodies and animal carcasses, overflowing sewage, lack of potable water and infections from injuries.

. . . About 250,000 were left homeless in Haiti's northwest province, which includes the port of Gonaives. . . .

"We need surgical masks, water and food," said Frantz Bernier, who was burning tires to protest the lack of government help. "We don't have anything."
If you could spare twenty bucks (or more), the people in Haiti could really use all the help they can get.


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