Thursday, September 30, 2004

OK, OK, I'm owning up to the latest polls out of Ohio that show Kerry and Bush in a dead heat there.

The latest Gallup poll shows that among "likely voters," Bush leads Kerry 50-48 in Ohio. Of course, Gallup (like all the polling organizations) massages their numbers using fail-safe and ultra-secret methodological techniques to identify "likely voters". Among "registered voters," an objective category, Kerry actually leads in Ohio (50-46). This is the fourth poll in late September to show a dramatically narrowing race in OH.

Somewhere chibi is smiling.

Kerry is way ahead of Bush among registered Ohio voters on the economy (52-43) but way behind on terrorism (40-54) and Iraq (45-51). Kerry had better differentiate himself from Bush tonight on foreign policy issues, a subject where so far you need a micrometer to tell the differences.


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