Sunday, September 26, 2004

Consider this an Israeli test balloon.
A suspected military commander of Hamas was killed when his booby-trapped car exploded in Damascus on Sunday and the Palestinian militant group accused Israel of carrying out the assassination.

There was no official acknowledgement by Israel that it was involved in the death of Izzedin Sheikh Khalil. However, Israel's Channel-2 television on Sunday night quoted unnamed security sources as saying Israel was behind the bombing.

Syrian officials also pointed the finger at Israel. Ahmad Haj Ali, an adviser to the Syrian information minister, told Associated Press: "This is not the first warning Israel has tried to convey to Syria. What happened indicates that Israel's aggression has no limits."
If the Bush administration backs Israel 110% on assassinations in foreign countries and Syria simply rolls over (while bitching and complaining all the while, of course), it looks like a diplomatic green light for bombing Iran.


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