Wednesday, September 01, 2004

"Conrad Black, corporate kleptocrat". It's got a nice ring to it, and a catchy cadence. Put that to music and you've got a winner!
Hollinger International on Tuesday blamed the insatiable greed and excessive lifestyle of Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara Amiel Black, for transforming the newspaper publishing group the Canadian-born peer built and once controlled into a �corporate kleptocracy�.

A report of more than 500 pages also faulted the elite group of political and financial luminaries who comprised the company's board for their failure to control the avarice of the company's most senior executives, singling out Richard Perle, the former US defence adviser, for criticism.
Hmm, Richard Perle as corporate kleptocrat, too. Imagine that, in the Bush administration of all places. The Financial Times (sub. only) has a great example of how Perle's spending was so extravagant that even Conrad Black felt the need to put an end to it!
on February 1, 2002, Lord Black seemed to have had enough of Richard Perle, the former US defence adviser who played a key role at Hollinger and Hollinger Digital, its now-defunct venture capital arm.

"I have been consulted about your American Express account which has been sent to us for settlement. It varies from Dollars 1,000 to Dollars 6,000 per month and there is no substantiation of any of the items which include a great many restaurants, groceries and other matters," Lord Black wrote in a letter to Mr Perle. . . .

"As I suspected there is a good deal of nest-feathering being conducted by Richard which I don't object to other than that there was some attempt to disguise it behind a good deal of dissembling and obfuscation," Lord Black wrote in an e-mail to a colleague.

"My instinct told me that (Perle and a partner at Trireme) were trying to smoke one past us."
When you can out-crony even Conrad Black, you know you're truly the cr�me de la crony cr�me.

And don't forget that Conrad Black is the primary benefactor behind the neocon international relations journal The National Interest via both his own Hollinger International as well as via the Nixon Center, of which Black is a member and on whose Board of Trustees Black serves.

These neocons are really starting to stink up the place.


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