Friday, July 02, 2004

One can hardly wait for a Kerry presidency to repeat all the idiotic failures of the Bush administration in the Middle East. Why? Because Kerry has all the same policy prescriptions as Bush! At least Democrats will "feel bad" about it all in the end.

Senator John F. Kerry strikes a decidedly stronger pro-Israel position in a new policy paper than he did a few months ago, as he attempts to enlist the support of Jewish voters who have been gravitating to President Bush and away from their tradition of voting Democratic in presidential elections.

In the policy paper, which has not been released publicly, Kerry outlines clear, strongly worded positions on several issues important to the American Jewish community. He calls for more forceful action to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, fully backs Israel's construction of a 425-mile-long barrier between Israel and the Palestinian territories that the paper refers to as ''a security fence," and pledges to work to push for a new Palestinian political class to replace Yasser Arafat, who is called a ''failed leader." . . .

The policy paper, used as talking points in some of these meetings, attempts to portray his pro-Israel credentials as being as strong as, if not stronger than, Bush's. The document says, for instance, ''Israel's cause must be America's cause."

It chides the Bush administration for not taking stronger action to prevent Iran, a primary supporter of anti-Israel terrorist groups, from developing nuclear weapons.

''The failure of the Bush administration to thwart Iran's efforts to amass nuclear weapons poses a real threat to the safety and security of Israel, the US, and the rest of the free world," it says.

It also says that Kerry was a sponsor of the Syria Accountability Act, which banned certain American exports in an effort to punish the Arab nation for supporting anti-Israel terror groups.

Kerry expresses support for Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza, says that after a final settlement Palestinians must settle outside Israel, and backs the Israeli plan to annex some West Bank settlements, as Bush does. The paper also reaffirms Kerry's support for Israel's spring 2002 offensive against Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other terrorists groups in Gaza and the West Bank.

The document also pledges that a Kerry administration would work to strengthen Israel's economy, by helping jump-start the high-tech sector, investing further in Israeli-made homeland security technologies, and increasing cooperation between Israeli industries and the US Department of Homeland Security.

The paper says that "John Kerry understands that anti-Semitism masked in anti-Israel rhetoric is a dangerous trend threatening both Israel and Jewish communities around the world." He also pledges to "take governments around the world to task for failing to address this escalating threat."

"Most of his ideas are in the mainstream, and they are not that different from President Bush's," said Edward S. Walker, former assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs.

Can't wait for Kerry to finally come out and declare Ariel Sharon to be "a man of peace". That should be right around the corner.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Chibi said...

Yes, it's truly a golden age of optimism we live in, is it not? And I have to say that Kerry is doing his damn well best to try and alienate the liberals in his party who would really like to try something different from the failures of the past and present for a change, an not just in Israel. If he keeps this up, it's only a matter of time before he announces Joe Leiberman as his running mate.

And yes, that last sentence is a cynical attempt at a joke. Zell Miller makes much more political sense with the whole North/South requirement.

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance that Kerry is playing the repugnican moderates like bush played the dem moderates in 2000?

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Gen. Glut said...

The thing that makes me most frustrated with liberal defenses of Kerry is when they say that all this stuff about Israel and 40,000 more troops and free trade is just electionerring; the "real" Kerry will come out after the election. I just don't buy it. If Kerry wins he's going to be elected to *do* something; if not his issues during the campaign, what? Voters and especially Republicans will try to hold him to his themes. He can't run very far from them even if he wants to.


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