Thursday, July 01, 2004

More on the "liberal elite" theme via Bruce Barlett's NYTimes column today.
Like most conservatives, I thought Bill Clinton was a terrible president when he was in office. Especially after the Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, we all dreamed of the paradise that would be ours if we could just get a Republican in the White House. We could fix the budget and the tax system, rein in the bureaucracy, neuter the trade unions and trial lawyers, and do all those other things that could never be done because Democrats were always blocking the way.

. . . conservatives should rethink the Clinton presidency. At least on economic policy, there is much to praise and little to criticize in terms of what was actually done (or not done) on his watch. . . . Bringing the federal budget into surplus . . . curtailing spending . . . reduced the capital gains tax . . . welfare reform . . . free trade . . . reappointed Alan Greenspan . . . he did much that conservatives should approve of.
All excellent points indeed, which is why I've been saying for some time that liberal Republicans have taken over the Democratic Party.


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