Saturday, July 31, 2004

Last week the General highlighted the outrageous tandem of "pro-choice" opinion pieces run by the New York Times: Amy Richards' casual attitude toward "selective reduction" (with Amy Barrett serving as water-boy) and Barbara Ehrenreich's pride in eliminating her "intrauterine" children. While I had several points, one important one is that these writers are not "pro-choice" at all; they are "pro-abortion".

As they say, 'the proof is in the pudding'. It turns out that Amy Richards along with her writing partner Jennifer Baumgardner is the brains (if I can make such a stretch) behind a new p.r. campaign under the title "I had an abortion". One of her vehicles is a line of t-shirts being hocked through Planned Parenthood (which Richards is proud to model herself):

Another is trying to popularize January 22 -- the anniversary of Roe v. Wade -- as "I had an abortion/I'm not sorry Day". This is nothing close to any definition of "pro-choice". It is "pro-abortion" -- the spreading of "positive abortion experiences" and the pronouncement that abortion is a Good Thing.

It seems that through Richards and Ehrenreich, the New York Times has become little more than an appendage of I'm Not Sorry and the "I had an abortion" ad campaign. At least we all know the Weekly Standard is full of amateurs, cranks and hacks advancing the vast right-wing conspiracy. It looks like the New York Times is in the same category -- useful idiots for the misanthropic pro-abortion movement.


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Judging others on having an abortion and being ok with it is what's sick.


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