Friday, July 09, 2004

Just when you think the US army couldn't show any more desperation to raise troop levels in Iraq, they do it. First it was help from all those "coalition of the willing" friends and allies. Then it was exceptional reliance on National Guard troops. Then it was extending tours of duty. Then it was stop-loss. Then it was pulling soldiers out of Korea. Then it was Individual Ready Reserve. Now it's out-and-out theft.
The Army is looking for a few good sailors and airmen. Actually, more than just a few.

In what some military experts see as another sign of how the Army's commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained it, the service for the first time will soon begin aggressively recruiting thousands of sailors and airmen who are otherwise scheduled to leave the Navy and Air Force because of cutbacks.

Under a new program called Operation Blue to Green, the Army plans to offer bonuses of up to $10,000, in some cases, and four weeks of extra training to airmen and sailors willing to trade in their dress-blue uniforms for Army green fatigues. The Army is especially interested in men and women who have jobs that are readily transferable to Army positions, like mechanics and logisticians.
And note especially on how this program is being publicly justified. Not only is it going to retain military personnel with valuable skills, it "could also save as much as $10,000 per service member in training and recruiting costs".

The US Army is just one big corporation after all.


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