Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Word on the street has it that France, Germany and China don't much care for the new UN Security Council draft resolution being pushed now by the US and UK.
Responding to the draft, Wang Guangya on Wednesday said that "full sovereignty has not been fully reflected" in the text, whilst a French diplomat told PA news agency: "We are not satisfied with the new version."

. . . as diplomats emerged on Tuesday from consultations, a number said the resolution still lacked specifics. The text still gave the US-led force authority to take "all necessary measures" to aid stability, and left precise details of its relationship with the interim government to "arrangements being put in place", and a separate exchange of letters.
It looks like important Arab players don't much like it either.
"We wish to see the interim government's views on major military operations prevail when the multinational force intends to carry out major operations," said Algerian Ambassador Abdallah Baali, the lone Arab representative on the council. "This does not appear clearly in the draft resolution, so we have to work on that."
Notably, everybody is focused on the role of US troops in The New IraqTM but nobody is keeping their eye on the till, aka The Development Fund for Iraq. Granted the interim Iraqi administration has formal control over it, but the very fact that it will continue to exist is demonstration of the continuing real limits on Iraqi sovereignty. Moreover, the ability of the US to place its allies in key positions in the interim government shows that people friendly to US interests will have their hands on the cookie jar. Prime Minister Iyad Allawi is a CIA favorite; one of the two vice-presidents is a member of the now defunt Iraqi Governing Council as are five of the thirty-two cabinet ministers. The Defense and Interior Ministers are both from the exile community, and the Foreign Minister is a holdover US appointment.

Move on, nothing to see here, move on.


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