Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The United States just can't seem to keep its meat supply healthy. First it was mad cow back in December. Now its bird flu for a second time around.
Mexico banned poultry imports from Texas on Friday after an outbreak of avian flu in Hopkins County, the agriculture ministry said.

The ban covers most poultry products and will remain in place until U.S. authorities provide information showing that the avian flu outbreak is not of the highly contagious strain of the disease, the ministry said.

It was the second time this year Mexico has blocked poultry imports from the United States after a bird flu scare in Texas.
Japan is one of over 50 countries which still have bans on US beef; that's every major US beef market excepting Mexico. Russia, China and Mexico put bans on US poultry in February during the first bird flu outbreak, and now Mexico City has put a new hold on poultry imports from the US just as some countries were beginning to lift their embargos. And this is the food supply which is "safest in the world"?

Of course, when you orchestrate your agricultural sector around animal concentration camps, what else would you expect?


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