Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I am all for military assaults on jihadi terrorists in Iraq like Abu Musab Zarqawi, whose group has beheaded a kidnapped American and Korean so far. However, the way the US has gone about it shows how profoundly alienated the Coalition Forces are from Iraqi society.
After the slaying, U.S. forces launched an airstrike on what the Americans said was an Zarqawi hideout in Fallujah. Three people were killed and nine wounded, said Dr. Loai Ali Zeidan at Fallujah Hospital. It was the second U.S. airstrike on Fallujah since Saturday.
This is exactly what the Israelis do in Gaza. Their people can't walk the streets, so they are forced to resort to air strikes from the safety of the skies. Inevitably they kill a lot of innocent bystanders as well, which can't do anything to help your popularity with the local population.

The US is as popular in Iraq as the Israelis are in Gaza? Now that is something to worry about.


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