Saturday, June 05, 2004

The heady days of April and May 2003 are a distant memory now for the neocons, who are increasingly turning away from a belief in spontaneous order and democracy in Iraq. Instead, they're getting more and more interested in killing A-rabs and simply blowing shit up. Our latest piece of state's evidence: neocon Christopher Caldwell in today's Financial Times (subscription only).
The US, the Soviet Union and Britain defeated Nazi Germany and imposed democracy on half of it not by providing a moral example but by pummelling the German army - and terrifying the German population - into submission. The US did not stop at lamenting that a dictator had deprived Germans of their rights; it solemnly declared Germans an enemy people. . . .

By some estimates the Royal Air Force alone killed 80,000 children in German cities. A great deal of this bombing, again, took place after the outcome of the war was clear. According to Gerald Linderman, an American historian, US postal censors during the second world war frequently intercepted lopped-off fingers sent as souvenirs from the front. In 1944 Life magazine ran a photo of a young woman penning a thank you letter to her boyfriend for a Japanese skull he had sent as a memento of the Pacific theatre.

. . . Mr Bush is stuck in a rhetorical trap. He is waging a 20th-century ideological war around the 21st-century ideology of human rights. This probably cannot be done. . . . The US has tried to liberate a country while denying itself the most effective war-making tool -- fear.
What was that line again about how if we do X, the terrorists will have won?

And how long before the neocons in their despair go completely apocalyptic on us and start quoting Colonel Kurtz: "Drop the bomb! Exterminate them all!"?


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