Tuesday, June 01, 2004

After a weekend without blogging, there is just so much to say today!

Regular readers of the Globblog know how little daylight shines between Mr. Bush's policy on Iraq and that of Mr. Kerry. It seems this merry consensus exists on other foreign policy issues as well, notably Venezuela.

On May 27 Kerry issued a statement that could have been penned by the New York Times Editorial Board:
President Chavez has treated opponents as enemies rather than seeking to heal the divisions that have plagued Venezuela. He has undermined the constitution and used his Bolivarian Circles to repress peaceful dissent as his government systematically moved to expand its powers. . . . The disturbing trend towards establishment of an authoritarian regime must be reversed now, so that the referendum can begin a process of national reconciliation.
In response, venezuelanalysis.com has posted an open letter to Kerry, the gist of which is gathered here:
Mr. Kerry, please take a moment to seek out the facts on Venezuela. President Ch�vez has done nothing to jeopardize democracy. Venezuela does not have a Patriot Act that permits silent warrants and detentions without due process. There are no political prisoners in Venezuela and there is absolute freedom of the press. These facts have been documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The opposition you so unconditionally support has committed the most heinous crimes against democracy � a coup d�etat, the dissolution of all of Venezuela�s institutions, an illegal strike that crippled the economy, massive electoral fraud and the employment of Colombian terrorists to execute an ultimate ouster of Venezuela�s government.

Salvage your candidacy, Mr. Kerry, if you truly believe in democracy. Stop treating Venezuela as a mere political tool in your ascendancy to the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world.


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