Friday, May 07, 2004

Yesterday the General posed the all-important question "what does Dick Cheney think" about Rumsfeld's future? Well, there seems to be some data available now.
Vice President Dick Cheney, one of Mr. Rumsfeld's oldest and closest friends, was described by an administration official as fully supportive of Mr. Rumsfeld -- a view, Republicans said, that would hold much sway with Mr. Bush. Mr. Cheney has not said anything publicly about Mr. Rumsfeld, but the vice president was believed to have been in the Oval Office when Mr. Bush admonished Mr. Rumsfeld.
Not only is Cheney said to be "fully supportive" of Rumsfeld, but the Vice President was even in the room when Rummy got his dressing down. By his presence there, we can assume that Cheney now feels, as does Bush, that Rumsfeld has been sufficiently chastised and it is time for damage control and for rallying the troops around the Secretary of Defense.


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