Thursday, May 06, 2004

The sexually depraved acts of torture designed to "soften up" the prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison have been blogged endlessly, but I think there is a bit more to say on the matter of whether Don Rumsfeld will walk the plank on this one.

Kevin Drum notes that the cover of the current issue of The Economist is calling for Rumsfeld's resignation but makes the wry observation that The Economist demanding someone's head probably means a safe neck. Josh Marshall thinks it likely that "Don Rumsfeld is finished". DemFromCT from DailyKos notes that Bush is pointing the finger at Rumsfeld even though standing by his man.

What none of these guys has asked yet is the most important question: what does Dick Cheney think?

Josh Marshall makes the signal observation that people in Washington fall not so much because they're pushed by critics but because they're left unsupported by defenders who have deserted them. This need not take place completely in public, however. If Cheney says Rumsfeld must stay, can you imagine Bush overruling him?? I don't mean to say that Cheney makes all the decisions, but we all know this is at least a co-presidency and both members have veto power. Moreover, Cheney is especially immune to criticism. The man still thinks there are WMDs to be found in Iraq after all! Cheney doesn't give a damn about public opinion or even the opinions of Republicans who disagree with him.

I have yet to hear Cheney speak up about his old mentor. If and when he does, pay attention.


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