Monday, May 24, 2004

Over at Political Animal, Kevin Drum is fond of blogging on Christianity. A good example is this post in which Drum links to a host of liberal sites commenting on the compatability or lack thereof between the secular left and the "progressive Christian left", i.e. religious people who also endorse the liberal cultural agenda (funny how very little of the arguing is over economics). What liberals like Drum fail to recognize, however, is that in the "progressive Christian left" they're not really dealing with Christianity, but with Christianity Lite.
Call it Christianity Lite. It's the assertion � no, the insistence � that you can be a Christian in good standing though you reject all or significant parts of the brand of Christianity to which you formally adhere. Even Jesus Christ � and who he was � is negotiable, not to mention traditional teachings on sex, abortion and divorce. Who's to tell you what to think and do as a Christian � or to judge you wanting? It's a heresy nowadays to accuse someone of heresy.

. . . the consumer mentality rules in the world of Christianity Lite: The notion that no one has the right to tell anyone how to practice his or her faith, or indeed what that faith should consist of. Individual choice, not the tradition handed down by parents or grandparents, increasingly governs belief, practice and denominational affiliation.
Christianity Lite is not Christianity. It is consumerism run amok, the perfect ideological orientation for post-modern capitalism. Even religion has become little more than a niche market which capital seeks to cultivate and control, with secular liberals helping to pave the way.

So grab those Tarot cards, pray that rosary and fill that Hummer. God's on your side!


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