Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Last Thursday the General weighed in on the lefty blog tussle between new middle class liberals (Yglesias, Drum, DeLong) and working class populists (Newman, General Glut). Nathan Newman has another great reply to Yglesias.
That Matt sees this stuff as tangential to "true" conservatism is exactly the point-- like a lot of liberals he's more obsessed with the culture war, while thinking the economic war can be managed once a few good technocrats are put into office under a nice liberal President.

While I'll defend Clinton relative to Reagan and the Bushes and want Kerry to win, Robert Rubin or the equivalent that Kerry will appoint is not going to confront head-on the economic warfare that working people are facing, at both the government level and by private sector corporate organizing. And the fact that liberals don't take the economic component of conservatism seriously enough is exactly why the rightwing can get away with it given the often deadening media silence.
Contemporary DLC Democrats (including John Kerry) as well as most "liberal" bloggers are little other than the reincarnation of liberal Republicans of a bygone age. Compare John Anderson of 1980 to any of these guys and try to measure the difference. Warning: bring your micrometer.


At 1:18 AM, Blogger billyblazer said...

These "republican lite" liberals just go to show how far to the right American has come. Or been pushed.

American worker: Today, my job was outsourced to India.

American Media: Look! Michael Jackson!


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