Monday, May 03, 2004

Kerry and Bush are identical on Iraq, and there's $600,000 and 6% of the voting public to prove it.
Democrats have been hoping that Nader, like Ross Perot, will fade in a second campaign or fail to get on the ballot in many states. But there is no sign that's happening. The campaign recently announced that it had raised $600,000 in its first two months, triple the amount Nader had at this time four years ago and enough to organize around the country. A spokesman told the Associated Press: "We're starting to establish ourselves as the only clear antiwar campaign."
It is surely folly for anyone in a competitive state this November to vote for Nader -- but if your #1 issue is imperialism, you can't help but be profoundly disappointed by John Kerry who promises not less empire but more, the difference with Bush being that a Kerry presidency will simply be more competent at administering the colonies and prosecuting the colonial wars.


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