Thursday, May 27, 2004

John Kerry launced his big eleven day campaign focus on national security today in Seattle. If you missed it, don't worry. You didn't miss much. As the Associated Press wisely discerned,
Although Kerry's advisers promoted the speech as a major policy address, the Democrat did not stake new ground as he outlined positions he has taken on the campaign trail in recent months. He said he will provide details in the coming days.
If you've been following the General's series on the liberal hawk manifesto "Progressive Internationalism" then you know what the Kerry plan is and how the General feels about it. Kerry staked no new ground in Seattle but merely continued to agree with Bush strategy, critique Bush tactics, and claim that somehow someway a Kerry presidency can "launch and lead a new era of alliances for the post 9-11 world".

Kerry is giving two more big national security speeches, one in West Palm Beach, FL on June 1, and a second in Independence, MO on June 3. We wait for something new until then.


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