Saturday, May 22, 2004

It's always nice to see that the best and the brightest are running the empire.
When the U.S. government went looking for people to help rebuild Iraq, they had responded to the call. They supported the war effort and President Bush. Many had strong Republican credentials. They were in their twenties or early thirties and had no foreign service experience. . . .

They had been hired to perform a low-level task: collecting and organizing statistics, surveys and wish lists from the Iraqi ministries for a report that would be presented to potential donors at the end of the month. But as suicide bombs and rocket attacks became almost daily occurrences, more and more senior staffers defected. In short order, six of the new young hires found themselves managing the country's $13 billion budget, making decisions affecting millions of Iraqis.

. . . none had ever worked in the Middle East, none spoke Arabic, and few could tell a balance sheet from an accounts receivable statement.
Note that the young Turk profiled in the article is one Simone Ledeen, daughter of rabid mad-dog neocon Michael Ledeen. Ledeen p�re is late of the Iran-Contra scandal and now of the neocon haven American Enterprise Institute. He is also the nut who admires what he calls "fascism-movement" and the revolutionary spirit of the Right (which apparently Mussolini failed in not going far enough!) and thinks the US should help overthrow the Islamic Republic in Iran as the next step of its calling to "creative destruction". Ledeen is one of the most important intellectual sources for the neocon devotion to the power of pure will over all (I was tempted to say �ber alles but I held off), which one cannot help but see realized in Bush speeches and government policy in Iraq. Somehow if we simply will it enough, it shall come to be. Thanks to his neocon advisors like Ledeen (who has bragged about his special access to Karl Rove's ear), Bush may be saying "Jesus Christ" but he is following Schopenhauer.

Funny how the crack reporters at the Washington Post never got around to mentioning Simone's daddy. I'm sure this was an innocent oversight, of course.