Monday, May 03, 2004

It seems that the good people who look after the P�re Lachaise cemetery in Paris are getting sick and tired of all the Doors fans coming to "pay their respects" (after a fashion) to Mr. Mojo Risin':
All are eclipsed by the necropolis's biggest draw, however: the gravestone of Jim Morrison. Christian Charlet, who is responsible for the cemetery and its 70,000 tombs, would happily do without the Doors frontman, who passed out in his bath (and into legend) in Paris in July 1971.

"We'd like to kick him out, because we don't want him, he causes too many problems," Mr Charlet said. "If we could get rid of him, we'd do it straight away." Unlike many of the tombs, Morrison's is on a perpetual lease.

P�re Lachaise has had to hire a security guard to watch over the singer's last resting place. Fans still queue to take a picture, mutter a few words or lay something - a flower, a note, a candle, a cigarette butt - on his tomb. Before the guard's appointment, they would converge to smoke pot and (it is whispered) have sex.
Well, I'm going to be in Paris next year for the first time, and I am definitely going to Le Cimeti�re du P�re-Lachaise and see Morrison's grave. It's second on my list, after visiting Marx at Highgate Cemetery in London.

It has nothing to do with globalization, but here's my favorite line from a Morrison poem:
The sniper's rifle is an extension of his eye. He
kills with injurious vision.


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