Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Good luck on this one, Jack -- you'll need it!
Britain has urged the United States to join urgent efforts to combat global warming even though President George W. Bush has rejected cooperation under the U.N.'s Kyoto protocol.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw reiterated that Britain reckoned that global climate change, largely blamed on emissions from burning oil, gas and coal, was "the most important long-term issue which we face as a global community".

"I know that Europe and the U.S. have not taken identical approaches to this challenge," he said in a speech at Howard University in Washington on Thursday night.

"But, as a friend of the United States, I hope you will allow me to argue that urgent international action is needed. It is critically important that we address the issue of climate change now, and together," he said.
While a Kerry presidency will certainly change the US government's tone on global climate change, the Republican Congress will ensure that nothing actually gets done.


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