Monday, September 01, 2003

Well, well, well, imagine this. It turns out that according to the International Labour Organization, those lazy French cheese-eating freedom-hating surrender monkeys are actually more productive workers than Americans.
"In terms of output per person employed, the U.S. is on top," said Dorothea Schmidt, an economist on the team that produced the 855-page report.

"In terms of output per hour we have three European countries doing better than the U.S. ... and they have done so ever since the mid-80s."

Norwegians lead the world with an output of $38 per hour worked last year. French workers were in second place, averaging $35 an hour, the report said. Belgians were third at $34, followed by Americans at $32.
Americans had the highest output per worker both because Americans are pretty productive combined with the fact that Americans work more hours than anybody in any industrialized country -- 1825 hours per employed worker in 2002. That's even more than the Japanese work.

So enjoy that Labor Day holiday. You've earned it!


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