Monday, August 25, 2003

More evidence of the very valuable vassalage (VVV) of Eastern Europe for the US occupation of Iraq.
Eager to have more Iraqis take responsibility for their country's security, American officials here are planning to ferry as many as 28,000 Iraqis to Eastern Europe for an intensive police training course.

Bernard B. Kerik, a former New York City Police commissioner in charge of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said in an interview that American officials had secured permission from the government of Hungary to set up a large police academy inside an old Soviet military base there.

Mr. Kerik said the extraordinary measures were necessary because the existing police academies in Iraq were not large enough to train that many officers in the next several months.

His plan is part of a larger effort by senior American officials here to press the Iraqis to take a greater share in running the country. The Bush administration is also under growing political pressure at home to lighten the load on the American forces here.
This importance of this small agreement goes far beyond Iraq. It points up the continuing struggle between the US and UK (with Spain and for the moment, Italy) on one side, Germany, France and Belgium on the other, over the future of Europe. The former groups wants Europe to remain a vassal to the United States as it was throughout the Cold War, while the latter group seeks both a more autonomous role globally and a domestic path independent from Texas-style capitalism. Eastern Europe is proving the battleground between these opposing visions and forces, and so far the US-UK side seems to be winning.

More Poles, coming right up!


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