Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Don't count on that Iraqi oil windfall dropping the price of gas for your end-of-summer vacation any time soon.
Flames shot 200 feet into the air from a burst oil pipeline north of Baghdad on Tuesday, and U.S. forces fired warning shots to keep people from approaching the scene. . . .

The blaze was burning about three miles north of a big refinery. It erupted in a grove of date palms less than 100 yards from a highway, sending a huge black cloud drifting south over the capital for several hours Tuesday afternoon.

Military spokeswoman Nicole Thompson said there was a pipeline fire but had no further details.
I guess only George Bush could have turned Iraq into Nigeria.

The price of oil may tell the story of whether the US "recovery" becomes real or sinks back into the mud. As The Guardian pointed out last week, recessions tend to coincide with oil price spikes. The neocon dream of oil at $15/barrel is about as realistic as all their other Iraqi fantasies. They should commission Rowena Morrill for some new artwork for the Pentagon.


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