Monday, July 14, 2003

Today is Bastille Day, and per tradition, President Jacques Chirac issued a general 2.5 month reprieve on all sentences of convicted criminals across France save for those convicted of terrorism and similar crimes. Earlier in the week, Chirac also announced a special 2-month pardon for Jos� Bov�, lowering his recent sentence for two instances of destroying genetically-modified crops in France from 10 months to 5.5 months. Notably, Chirac purposefully did not grant Bov� a full pardon as Bov� had demanded, stating uneqivocally
Les militants syndicaux sont des Fran�ais comme les autres et ne doivent pas s'imaginer que cette vocation leur donne le droit d'enfreindre la loi.
More than 200 visitors a day come to Bov�'s prison to sign a petition on his behalf, and demonstrations occur every day in France supporting a full pardon of Bov�. Until then, of course, this hero sits in prison, something law-breaking "terrorists" Sam Adams and John Hancock never did for their roles in the Boston Tea Party.

Take a few minutes today to write to Bov� and send him your personal support. His address is:
Jos� Bov�
No d�crou 22377 Y
Bloc A 07
34753 Villeneuve-les-Maguelone
While you're at it, buy a copy of his book, The World is Not For Sale: Farmers Against Junk Food. Read it and take action.


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