Friday, July 18, 2003

That Ol' Time Mission Creep just keeps getting creepier.

Recall that less than two weeks ago, Gen. Tommy Franks told the House Armed Services Committee that US forces will be in Iraq from two to four years. Now a Pentagon study group led by CSIS head John Hamre says two to five years.

Not only that,
It also recommended a �supercharged� effort to get other countries to provide people, money and other aid. �Relying on the war coalition will not produce sufficient resources or capacity,� it said.
In light of India's recent refusal to accept Don Rumsfeld's $300 million bribe to join the 'coalition of the willing,' a "supercharged" effort indeed will be necessary! Of course, the Indian example suggests the US Congress will still likely be the ultimate financier of any new troops in Iraq. Note that even the much ballyhooed "Polish led" peacekeeping force for Iraq -- a motley collection of Poles, Ukranians, Bulgarians, Spaniards, Filipinos, Hondurans and Salvadorans among others -- is heavily supported by NATO.

And these guys aren't heading to Iraq out of the goodness of their hearts. Oh, no! The Poles have admitted officially that they're there for one reason: to gain direct access to Iraqi oil supplies! You've got to give Polish Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz kudos for honesty if nothing else.

Maybe we should start talking about the 'coalition of the willing to get paid'?


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