Tuesday, July 01, 2003

It's always a good idea to keep an eye on nutjobs like Pat Buchanan and his journal The American Conservative because even though Buchanan is crazy, he is also a fairly bright person. Moreover, his journal actually runs interesting thoughtful pieces -- at least far more interesting than just about anything you can read in The National Review.

Case in point: an article in the latest AmCon issue by John Laughland on everybody's favorite neocon intellectual, Michael Ledeen. It turns out that Mr. Ledeen, one of the shining lights of The Weekly Standard/American Enterprise Institute/Wall Street Journal editorial page crew, has a lot of nice things to say about fascism. Now this is not so much praise for Mussolini as it is praise for fascism as an ideology -- in Ledeen's terms, he likes "fascism-movement" but not "fascism-regime". While he is splitting hairs, Ledeen happily argues fascism was "an attempt to mobilize the masses and to involve them in the political life of the country," proclaims the fascist state as "a generator of energy and creativity" and bubbles over the fascist movement's vision of "the new era . . . to be the era of youthful genius and creativity".

If one had any doubts that the neocons are not cons in any way but in fact reactionary revolutionaries in the fascist sense, note Ledeen's love for what he calls "creative destruction" and his conviction that the United States is the only state in the world capable of it in its purest form. Note also Ledeen's enthusiasm for the creative use of indiscriminate violence, what some have even distilled into "The Ledeen Doctrine". Note Ledeen's defense of fascism as a movement to protect society from the radical left (never mind that Nazi stuff in Germany -- that wasn't "the paradigm" of fascism anyway).

These are hallmarks of fascism and these are the intellectuals animating the US state today. While fuzzy-headed liberals are out celebrating the chances for gay marriage, they can't see that American democracy is on the respirator.


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