Monday, July 28, 2003

The General has been silent these last three days pondering the future of General Glut's Globblog. Sitemeter tells him that less than 20 people out there in the blogosphere are reading the General every day. Pretty low numbers indeed!

This threw the General back into his thinking chair. There are thousands of blogs out there blogging current events, especially the war against Iraq, the guerilla war, the uranium scandal, the future of various Bush cabinet members, the casualty count, the existence of Iraqi WMDs, etc. etc. etc. Does the blogosphere really need the General's comments when you can get more or less the same thing pretty much everywhere?

The Globblog needs a clear identity, and this is it: deflation.

While the politics of the Iraq war and its aftermath is easy to follow (or at least easy to rant about) and everybody and their brother's dog has a view to air, there are few voices out there with something substantial to say about deflation and overproduction. So this will be the General's focus.

Maybe there are only 20 people out there who care about deflation? Perhaps. But I guarantee you that deflation, whether in the North America, East Asia, or Europe, will affect your real every-day life 100 times more than Condi Rice, Paul Bremer and the Hussein brothers ever will.


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