Wednesday, June 25, 2003

So eager to go to Iraq, yet so reluctant to go to Liberia. I wonder why? The former colonial powers are strapping on their boots and taking a bit of responsibility for the messes they helped create in West Africa. France has had troops in Cote d'Ivoire for months, the British worked for peace in Sierra Leone, and now Britain's U.N. Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock is bold enough to suggest that the United States is the "natural candidate" to end the bloody reign of Charles Taylor in Liberia. For God's sake, the Liberian rebels are bombing annexes to the US embassy compound and all we get out of the State Department is how everybody should really just get along??

If the Iraq war was all about human rights, where is the Bush administration's outrage and bravado for Liberia? Things are so bad there that any kind of Western intervention would help, even George Bush's (I don't think we're in danger of seeing a US colony in West Africa anytime soon -- Iraq is already turning into one). But what are the chances Bush will follow the lead of the French? Any bets?


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