Thursday, June 19, 2003

More evidence that the European social model itself is what is really at stake in the debate over deflation in Germany today:
Germany's economics and labour minister has provoked anger by arguing that Germans take too many holidays. "In terms of vacation time, public holidays, and working hours, we have without doubt reached the limit," Wolfgang Clement said in an interview with Stern magazine. Mr Clement said the economy - currently hovering on the brink of recession - was being damaged because workers were having too much time off.
And this from a social democrat! Just imagine what a liberal (in the European sense) would say!

Just as the siesta is dying in Latin countries, traditional religious festivals are in jeopardy in Germany. But by giving up the European model, the Germans and the rest of "old Europe" can copy George W.'s and Tom DeLay's Texan model instead -- with great records on democracy, justice, the environment and human rights.


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