Monday, June 02, 2003

If you follow "The Daily Howler", you know all about the "culture of lying" surrounding George W. Bush. This little throwaway comment from the President of the United States, Iraq and Whatever Else May Come His Way was too good to pass up:
"I'm serious about what I said in Poland. A united Europe will help to solve a lot of problems."
Which problems are those? The problems of Europeans obstructing US war plans? The problems of Europeans refusing American GM crops? The problems of living with NATO and a European defense force? It's not clear to the General at all what problems The Commander has in mind, even less clear as to how European unification will solve them from a US perspective.

One of two possibilities. Number One: Bush is lying. After all, underming European unification has been US policy since the mid-1990s at least. Number Two: "new Europe" is a Trojan Horse, an instrument of the United States to undermine a common European foreign and defense policy from within.


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