Monday, June 23, 2003

Here's an interesting dust-up between national and transnational capital. It seems three US titanium producers -- RTI International Metals Inc., TIMEC Co. and Allegheny Technologies Inc. -- want to maintain the Pentagon's long-standing policy, enshrined in law, of purchasing only American-made titanium. Boeing and Lockheed Martin, titanium consumers and the "private sector" wing of the Pentagon, prefer the luxury of shopping the global titanium market instead of having to "Buy American". What makes this especially interesting is the clash pits the domestic capital wing of the Republican Party, in this case represented by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, with the transnational capital wing of the Party, in this case represented by the Bush Administration. It looks as if the House Republicans are mostly behind Hunter, and the Senate Republicans are the constituency each side is trying to woo.


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