Thursday, June 26, 2003

The General doesn't generally blog US electoral politics, but this comment in The American Prospect really caught my eye:
Howard Dean has been well-served by the rusty ritual of presidential contenders pausing from their campaign travels to go home and formally declare their candidacies. Subtly but effectively, in yesterday's "announcement speech," Dean recast his candidacy from a protest campaign targeting his fellow Democrats at least as much as President Bush to a populist movement "to take our country back." . . . Within little more than a year, Dean evolved from another Paul Tsongas, fiscally conservative but socially liberal, to the new Paul Wellstone
Being the dyed-in-the-wool lefty Minnesotan that he is, the General really sat up upon reading this.

Is Dean really the guy to carry the populist message? Dean with the record as a "socially progressive but fiscally conservative" governor?

The General may be a Marxist when it comes to academic analysis, but politically he's a populist through and through. I'm not holding my breath for Dean, however. Let's wait and see. Al Gore tried this line once before, after all.


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