Monday, June 16, 2003

Apparently economic war between the US and Europe has already broken out. At least, that's what French Defense Minister Mich�le Alliot-Marie says:
Enfin, les industriels am�ricains sont, eux, dans une logique de guerre �conomique. Cette attitude n'est pas li�e � l'�pisode irakien. Face � eux, les industriels europ�ens doivent se regrouper pour �tre en mesure de leur r�sister.
The interview appeared in Saturday's Le Monde. A review in English can be read from the Associated Press.

Rummy came back on Sunday, speaking through a DoD spokesman:
The French defense minister is entitled to her own opinion. However, her opinion does not accurately characterize the policy or position of the secretary of defense, or the position of the US government.
The trans-Atlantic split is about far more than Iraq, and it reaches far beyond government-to-government relations, as Alliot-Marie indicates. Stay tuned.


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