Sunday, June 01, 2003

ActionAid, the British NGO, has a new report out titled "GM Crops: Going Against the Grain". Some key findings:

  • Only 1 percent of GM research is aimed at crops used by poor farmers in poor countries
  • 91% of GM crops grown worldwide in 2001 were from Monsanto seeds
  • In one study, Monsanto's GM soya had 6% lower yields than non-GM soya and 11% less than high-yielding non-GM soya
  • In Kenya, only one out of 136 intellectual property applications for plants were for a food crop; more than half were for roses
  • Just four countries -- the US, Canada, Argentina and China -- produced 99% of the world's GM crops in 2002
  • Just four crops -- maize, cotton, canola and soya -- accounted for 99% of the world's GM crop production in 2002; 62% of all GM crops grown in 2002 were herbicide tolerant soybeans
  • Six corporations control 98% of the world market for GM crops and 70% of the world's pesticide market in 2000

Now that says a mouthful!


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