Saturday, May 31, 2003

Now George W. is pushing genetically modified crops as a solution to the problems of world hunger. How noble! How sublime! How bold! Never mind that US policy since at least the Nixon Administration has been to create food dependency in the Global South on the US, by dumping excess production when it can and destroying small farmers in the South, which contributes to starvation in the first place.

The red herring of southern Africa and GMO grain will surely be trotted out again soon. Let's set the record straight. Most countries accepted GM corn from the US when faced with starvation, but they required is to arrive in milled form so as to prevent genetic contamination of their own stocks. The one country to refuse US beneficence was Zimbabwe, and Mugabe did so for internal political reasons, not because of European 'pressure' or Luddite 'fears' of GMOs.

Funny how with this administration, every problem has the very same solution: more free trade. One might be tempted to think it's ideology rather than economics which drives these folks.


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