Friday, May 23, 2003

As if we didn't see this one coming. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency now thinks that perhaps BSE Bessie from Alberta contracted mad cow disease from eating chicken feed, which as the General mentioned the other day is chock full of nasty cow bits -- heads, hides, guts, and the like. Now 13 herds have been quarantined in British Columbia and Saskatchewan as well as in Alberta. Although it has been the enlightened policy of both Canada and the US to ban feeding cows or sheep to cows or sheep, now some 'concerned experts' think "it may be time to look closely at expanding that ban to all animal protein."

Another notable bit of information:
" On Thursday, Marwyn Peaster, the farmer who owned the northern Alberta cow infected with mad-cow disease, said the animal was stumbling and unable to stand before it was shipped off for slaughter. Mr. Peaster said the cow was shipped for slaughter when it could no longer get up on its own. 'The cow went down, and that is when it was shipped. The cow was still alive, it just wasn't getting up any more,' Mr. Peaster said Thursday outside his farm near Wanham, Alta., about 550 kilometres northwest of Edmonton."
Well, that's just peachy, isn't it? Step right up for your diseased beef, 50% off today only!

Will will this madness of turning ruminants into carnivores end? See below for more on the relationship between capital and hellholes.


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